Saturday, March 21, 2009

Soccer is here!

I know...I Know...we tried this with girl.imp and had her leading the entire class singing Christmas Carols and picking dandilions by the last class.

BUT we are talking about boy.imp here.  Granted he is 1/2 of his mother, but he never sits still, walks when he can run or just stops vibrating.  He'll have to like running and kicking a ball, right?

Right!  He had a blast!  running in circles, kicking the ball, running on and off the field for his water...just what we had hoped for.

Then came that last trip to the sideline

b.imp:  I want to go home
wife.imp: why?
b.imp: i'm, can we go to Mc Donald's for lunch?
me: but we still have practice!  you need to get back on the field!
b.imp: But I'm huuuuuungry!  I want lunch!
me: It's 10:30!  Don't make me delete all the pictures I have been taking...