Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow, Ice, Snow, Vomit, Snow...

With the latest winter storm (we 'suffered' through 4+" of snow and about 1/4" ice) the schools finally closed, allowing dad.imp (me) to sleep in.  One would have thought everybody would be able to sleep in.

However, girl.imp found out almost all the Justice League videos can be accessed by computer and she gets up extra early to get a solid 2 hours in before anybody else is awake.

Boy.imp caught the boomarang sinus infection and is suffering that again, as well as vomiting multiple times during the night.  We probably would have missed this except for 2 things:

1) He was sleeping with his grandmother and she woke up the second time he threw up.
2) She woke up the 2nd time because his movements while cleaning up the mess (he confessed to having cleaned up from his earlier bout of vomiting) woke her up.

Upon learning my boy was sick, but willing to clean up after himself, I grunted my acknowledgement of the news and went back to sleep.  After all, I really was not needed was I?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got it! I got it! I got it!

So it had been relatively quiet all day.  Then girl.imp arrives home from school, rushes upstairs (front door left wide open) and announces to the world in general that she needs to use the facilities (door left wide open so that we can visually verify she did indeed lower the seat??)

So she decides that it is time to play with our epileptic cat (one seizure since adopting the wee beastie just before Christmas).  However no toy is immediately apparent so I offer the following advise.  

"Why don't you get a penny and slide it across the floor?"

Our cat loves playing with coins, rings...anything that slides on our floors.  Just this morning I found her chasing one of my rings under the dining room table and chairs.  The ring (according to my memory) had been resting on the bathroom sink...

So g.imp gets a dime and launches it across the room.  The cat launches herself across the room in pursuit and crashes into the hall closet's sliding doors, rebounds down the hall and ends up somewhere in the bowls of our bathroom.  G.imp then follows the cat in and cannot find the dime.  In the meantime the cat races past my feet and hides under the curtains.

me: have you checked her mouth for the dime?
g.imp: her mouth?
me: yep.  you might want to hurry before she swallows it...
g.imp: ahhhhhhhhhh! (racing toward the cat)

I love playing with the imps!!

Monday, January 26, 2009

At Least They Are Eating

For dinner the imps decided to add their own flair.

Tonight was taco night.  Usually they love the tacos.  Usually I have very little leftovers.  Usually I use hard shell tacos.

Tonight we went with the soft shells and cornbread.

Tonight I had almost all the taco meat and sundry sides left over.  However the imps at several cheesy cornbread tacos.

Thats right.  Tacos filled entirely with cheese and cornbread.

Cheese and cornbread only.


my tummy still hurts with the site of this meal...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Want the Eyeball!!

So we are eating fish for dinner tonight and girl.imp is vehemently opposed (it was not salmon) and boy.imp was not interested in anything but the eyeball.

After listening to him whine, cry, demand, wheedle, nag about not having the eyeball I took a knife and pried it out of the fish head and plopped it onto his plate.

At that point he happily squished the goo between his fingers and ate dinner (girl.imp decided that the fish was not as bad as she hoped and managed to finish hers so she could eat grapes for dessert).

Turns out I gave b.imp the eyeball goo  and not the actual eyeball.  However, his Inay pried it out of the fish after dinner and gave it to him as an after dinner toy.

Anyway, if y'all wanna' come on over for dinner, I'm sure we can find an eyeball or two to spare for you....

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tainted Love At the Playground

Wife.Imp: (calling home from her car after work)...

Girl.Imp: 'Sup...Nothin'...Yeah (This song-see below-is playing on the radio in the background)...I'm just shaking my hips for dad...
Me: (diving for the phone) Dancing!  She's just dancing to the radio!

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year-New Snow-Same 'Ole Imps

I could have, I really really really could have taken my 'puter to the local coffee bin and spent an afternoon relaxing with my favorite caffiene/calorie overdose.  But no, I decided that I could go home.  Work on the dining room table until it was time to start dinner (which I am getting burned out with cooking on a nightly basis -Yea me!  Only 60-80 more years of that left).

Yessir, I was feeling pretty good about life.  The little shopping that needed to be done was complete and I was ready to get inside, hook up the music and...and there they were.  An extra pair of kids-sized shoes in the entranceway.  

Current plans are now past plans and future plans of 'Me Time' look bleak.  Especially when they insist on playing hide and seek in two rooms (Because our house is too small to let them run wild--and they are not going to be playing in the furnace room or my bedrooms!).

So here I sit, amid the slamming of doors (I have to let them play somewhere...right?) and ear-numbing rock (sanity!!)

Only 30 more minutes and I can start kicking people out....