Friday, May 29, 2009

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

It is now over.  The long-haired hard rocker look I had been going for is now a sad, lonely memory.  I am now 'proudly' showing off my well-defined widows' peak with the, slightly longer than, military brush-top look.

The only thing going for this new hair style is that is it still cheaper than $15



The Concept Magician said...

no pics = BS

*rolls eyes*

dennis said...

The one stricture that wife.imp insisted on when I started this blog was not to embarrass her. I cannot see how a picture of me in spandex would do anything but...

Apologies, I would have LOVED to post that photo but w.imp would not forgive me if it were shared.

DD said...

I "suggested" my husband cut off his middle-of-the-back rocker hair during my 1st pregnancy, convincing him it was time to grow up.

I love that my son now looks at those older pictures and refers to his dad as "A Dude".

BTW, it wasn't a mullet, was it??

dennis said...


No, I let the front grow along with the back.

It was just unkempt and shaggy

The Concept Magician said...

still no pics?


dennis said...

the kids would phrase it, "joysucker"