Sunday, December 16, 2007

'Do Me Daddy...Do me daddy...Do me too daddy'...and Road Rage Trumps Christmas Spirit

Yes, the imps were lying on the futon with me and shouting and laughing and demanding more.


More of my bare feet being held in front of their noses!!

Why? I do not know, but as long as they are entertained...

Is it Road Rage when Wife.Imp gets frustrated in holiday traffic??

Wife.imp had some free time last Friday and was going to a lunch with friends and asked me if I would like to go with. I noticed a few things on that drive.

1- wife.imp is an aggressive driver
2- she has little patience with hesitant drivers
3- she has even less patience with drivers more aggressive than she is
4- I find myself saying (a lot), 'I'm going to blog about this.'

In w.imp's defense, there were several very, very angry (re: bad scary) drivers on the roads. However there were two statements she made that make our cut:

'It's like they have Nov. 1 attitudes one week before Christmas...'
'Geez, the rednecks from up north (re: Delaware, Morrow and Knox Counties) have flocked to the malls today. That'll teach me to go shopping on a Friday during the holiday season.'


Noe said...

Why are we women so agressive when driving? Most of my female friends have that tendency of cursing and yelling at the others drivers...
I know they should pass a law that says: people over 70 can't drive.

(i changed my blog name, so the other link wont work any more)

Hannah said...

Bah. I'll try being nicer if everyone else on the road tries being smarter.