Friday, December 28, 2007

Google Anonymity - Year 2--ish

Yes gentle reader(s), we are in near the end of our second year of blogginess and I must say that I have managed not to jeapordize my marriage to wife.imp (well, nothing too serious anyway) with my posts.

Yea Me!!

So, after two years, I must say that I have consistantly appealed to that fickle, world audience?

What proof do I have, you ask? Well the answers are right before your eyes (the graphs below represent the areas of the world from which our humble little Playground is visited):

...and these are some the search terms from the last month that brought you to 'the Playground':
"what prompts" admission: Usually asking, “please”, works here at the Playground…
bratz playground: Sorry, no bratz here; Only Imps!
bud: this from O Fallon, Missouri, hmmm, here in Ohio they still say ‘Dude’…unless asking for a cold, frothy beverage then Bud is quite often used…
imp news of day: they got up today and started playing a Memory card game that they got for Christmas! Pretty cool, huh?
mother milk: Father Whiskey? ??? OH! You guys need to get a life! Join a frat or something…
peed girl face%: What goes on in Germany (State/Region: Niedersachsen, City: Ronnenberg) stays in Germany
mouse tattoo joke: ummm, footprints meandering from the lower buttocks to the lower back??


Maria said...

I am half amazed and half sickened by what brings people to my blog.

("my sister peed her pants and then kissed me.")

I mean...WHAT? And that came to me when I blogged about going to the grocery store with my sister and nearly peeing my pants when I tried to find the bathroom there and had to plow through boxes in a storage room...who knew? But...I didn't KISS my sirree bob.)

dennis said...

I have to agree with you there. Sometimes there is no connection from the search to my blog...I have never peed in anybody's face or face%!

(ok, i have not kissed my sister either!! LOL)

That Chick Over There said...

LOL! I love those!

Carla said...

HEY, we're almost twins...Happy blog day

wayabetty said...

Yay for anniversary!! Glad to have "met" you Dennis! I've enjoyed reading about your family life (when time permits anyway), and the stupid (did I say that out loud?!) things that you did when you were little. Makes me want to grow eyes behind my head since I have 3 boys to worry about. ;-)