Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mark is not the only one with Dinner Trouble

tssss! wham! sploosh! tssssssss!

Four sounds that happened at the start of the cooking phase of Friday night's dinner. The menu included: Grilled Salmon, Buttered baby carrots and Mashed Potatos with gravy.

Yessiree, Dennis was enjoying hisself. I had the carrots on and was reaching to set the potato water on the stove when I noticed that the burner was sitting a tad lopsided. What I did not notice was the knob that controls this particular burner (front left) was on (I had originally meant to turn on the Rear Left burner).

So, I reached out to level the burner and -- TSSSS! (instant pain followed by a disheartening numbness in my left forefinger and thumb) I then dropped the pan of water on the stove--Wham! Which then spilled over and flooded over the still lop-sided burner--Sploosh--TSSSSSSSSSS!

Fortunately I a) immediately turned off the burner, b) iced the damaged digits, c) have a little bit of callused finger tips. This is important because the pain subsided after 1/2 an hour into a white scar which has not blistered. Although it might not fade either.

Aaaaaand---no fire or short-circuit action either!

Yeah me!!


Rebecca said...

Hmmm, it sounds like you had a tasty side-dish of roasted fingers with that salmon. Yummy...LOL.

MdG said...

Doh! I turn on the wrong burner about twice a week. What's that smell? OHH CRAP!

Maria said...

This sounds like every time I try to make dinner......

Hannah said...

Good lord, cooking as a full-contact sport.

Mark said...

Puts me to shame, dude. I'm glad you weren't seriously injured, though. You forgot to mention the sound of the steam coming up through your ears when you realized you'd have to clean up that water from the stove and floor.

Anonymous said...

nothing like the smell of burnt flesh overtaking the salmon smell!
tsk tsk Dennis!
joking, I do stuff like that all the time and I 'belong in the kitchen'
hope there is no blistering, the forefinger and thumb is the most inconvenient place to burn since you use them so much.
(sneaking a read in at work! LOL!)

wayabetty said...

Aaaand when wife.imp came home she asked you "so did you finish dinner?" right? I would! Glad you're ok though.