Saturday, April 19, 2008

Playground events

I have not mentioned this in the past but we have been without any real furniture in our Family Room since last Fall (I gave our couches to my brother when he moved out of state). Since losing the sofas, we had been utilizing a futon. That broke recently and I moved the futon's skeletal remains out of the house and we sat on the futon pad for a few weeks. But now we have new furuniture!! 1 sofa and 2 armchairs!!

Girl.Imp Speaks:
my eldest younger sister (nka: Sis1) and her husband recently stopped at the house on their way to a concert (don't know who) and had a brief conversation with girl.imp:

g.imp: boy.imp and I have different bodies. b.imp has a ting-ting and I have a ping-ping, just like mommy's--only hers has hair on it...

In the week that followed this conversation, (I understand that Sis1's husband's jaw bounced off of the floor) I know that now both my parent's have heard this conversation and knowing my sister, I would bet that her co-workers are also 'In-the-Know!'

On another night that I was working late, the imps were encouraged to imitate each other and, I am reliably informed, could earn livings as professional mimics. however it was when they were asked to imitate mommy:

and then daddy:

boy.imp speaks on how to earn $$ (thank you webkinz, you will be receiving the imps collegiate tuition bills):
wife.imp: So how do mommy and daddy make money?
b.imp: you go online and you play games and then you get money!


Anonymous said...

Funny, that's how everyone makes money isn't it? Solitaire pays out big time! LOL!
I'm not even going to get into the whole ting-ting thing...
~DIANA @ Stuck....

Maria said...

For the longest time, Liv thought that if I needed money, I just stopped at the money machine and asked nicely.....

Luckily, Liv has never shown much interest in talking about her private parts. One day, when she was four, a little girl in her dancing class told her, "I call my wagina a "gadget." Liv looked at her and said, "I call that just plain stupid."

They never got to be good friends...