Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Little 'Jerk and Tug' in the Bathroom--Where is the Harm in That?

Yesterday as I contemplated life and family and work, whislt astride the Porcelain Throne (I had finished the comics and sports section) I reached for some All-Purpose paper. In order to, comfortably, reach said roll in our bathroom, one must lean forward and it was a new roll, so no worries there.

Until I jerked on the end of the paper and a tiny bit tore off. I jerked again. Again a tiny bit tore free.

WTF? The paper is wrapped around a tube that rolls on a spindle...I'll be damned if I was going to shift one iota from my current position (now on the leading edge of the seat). So, I grabbed at the paper and Jerked and tugged and jerked and tugged and got to sit in my own personal toilet paper confetti blizzard (and I did not even have to travel to the Canyon of Heroes in NYC).

Turns out that if the cardboard tube (in a full roll of toilet paper) is not perfectly rounded, the roll won't roll. I had to turn the paper (using both hands) to secure the desired amount of quilted softness.

It is moments like this that can ruin a perfectly glorious morning!!


DD said...

Sounds like your own personal April Fool's Joke.

Dad Stuff said...

That's really crappy.

Pageant Mom said...

May i suggest flushable wipes for the mechanically challenged...?

dennis said...

actually wife.imp told me that if I would have squeezed the roll into a roundish shape it would have easily turned on the spindle...go figure!