Saturday, July 05, 2008

Trouble Brewing at 'The Playground'

It seems that girl.imp was laughing and encouraging a neighborhood boy to try and get a dog to pee on the girl (g.imp's most frequent playmate in this neighborhood) who lives across the street from us.

Then she almost rides her down whilst we are out on our Trikkes.

Dennis has not been very happy with the imp this weekend. The problem with punishment is that g.imp is not a computer fan, not a t.v. fan, not a play and get sweaty fan. She does, however, read. So now she must read 5 books (approved by wife.imp) and give verbal reports (approved by me!). I am also starting to place limitations on girl.imp until I can trust her judgement again.

I only wish I had a garden (when I was growing up we had one 50 yard wide by 25 yrds deep) for g.imp to weed.

We ate at a restaurant the other night and boy.imp needed to visit the Water Closet. As soon as we are in the door he makes a beeline for the sit-down toilet. So I go through the process of cleaning off and papering the seat (yes, since the discovery of gravity, there are grown men out there that are not much concerned with aim) and paper the seat for the young imp...Who then informs me he only has to pee.

Great, I go and wash my hands and wait. He then finishes and washes his hands then informs me he has to go potty again. This time he wants to sit down..!!


Mama of 2 said...

Girlie Girlie uses the potty excuse to visit just about every bathroom on this side of our state. We go through all the gyrations of going potty only to have nothing happen -- then of course wouldn't you know it two minutes later she's telling me she's got to go again.

So I feel your pain.

Hannah said...

Book reports? That, my friend, is BRILLIANT.

wayabetty said...

That's too funny, we also line the toilet seat too! it's been busy here Dennis, having 7 kids and driving around...I need a vacation pretty soon!!