Thursday, April 02, 2009

I puh-laaaayed outside all daaaay today...

except for when I was inside in class this morning and this afternoon!

So said girl.imp.

It is 70sh here and I suggested she play outside this afternoon.  Instead, she is watching the educational death ray because the 20 minutes of outside play during lunch was juuuust enough to almost make her break out into a fine sweat.  And that much moisture loss cannot be tolerated!

Bad daddy!


The Dreamer said...

hahahaha... this line is oh so familiar to me.

creative-type dad said...

Kid thought is just bizarre. Most of what my daughter says these days sounds like Christopher Walkin's twitter.

dennis said...

Dreamer: that is soo wrong
Tony: ahhh the sequel to 'Being John Malkovich'