Monday, April 06, 2009

Welcome to all of our Foreign-based searches

I have not done this in a while, but I have noticed that very few google searches ending up here at the Playground originate within the bounds of the US of A.

Having said that I did find these search terms brought some foreign visitors over:

something in the bathroom that begins with the letter g : hmmm, just guessing but how about: Gel, Goobers, 'Gross! How did that get in the toilet?' (variants include: G--da---T! Who left the lid up?, Geezus! Somebody get me the plunger!')

wet dream pee : ummm, if your wet dreams include pee--- GROSS!
perfect world easter : Yes, that would be a perfect time to realize a perfect world.
imp’s drive info sidebar :  I'm not tellin'!
dress code for high school reunion : I don't know about your high school but Denim and Checkered Shirts with the 'ole shitkickers seemed in vogue at my school's last reunion...(well, the reunion before last because we had to cancel the last one because people thought $4o bucks a person was too steep)
mom & little oyb :  would that be mom and little boy?  I personally hope it was Oh Yes Baby! (I get that alot around here)
do me daddy :
Please seek help soon...


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