Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Short and Sticky

went outside this morning and came to the conclusion that pigeons who are flying back to NYC from Mexico (where they drank copious amounts of water) flew directly over my car, possibly more than once...

I once told wife.imp that I would not care to take a pilgrimage across the deserts of the Holy interest really.  However, after much discussion we have decided that a brief vacation in the Middle East, including sites in Egypt, is very doable...

Last year I made wife.imp's birthday cake and decorated and took pictures of it, and cut it up for the family, all before she really saw it.  This year I made wife.imps cake and did not check the items I was going to use for decorations and found that they were better off not used (however it was waaaay to late to shift gears) and this year she got to see it!  (however, girl.imp's photos of w.imp and her cake did not come out).

Yeah me!!