Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ode to Ye 'Ole Red Onion

From the moment I uncovered you at the store
I knew you must join us at our home
and that I must have you and then have you some more

I had to possess you for you were what we needed
That you and not Comrade Radish had what I sought
that deep, gleeming, royal coat of red

Your pungent presence and sharp bite
slices made softer by frying in the pan
created a perfection that only you made right

Future meals I had planned with you in mind
But now Frustration and Futility wear on my soul
for nowhere searched did you allow me to find

Where O where my royal red onion have you fled?
Why have you spurned our passionate desires?
Will I find you before your aroma awakens the dead?


Anonymous said...

WOw. Niiice Dennis. Poor missing onion...poor soul who finds (but hopefully doesn't step on) the missing onion...

Pageant Mom said...


One day you'll be sitting around going "what's that SMELL....???"

creative-type dad said...

A non-smelling onion?

Hannah said...

So you compose poetry when you lose groceries you know you bought?

I just swear.

Your way is definitely more cultured.

delightful-d said...

That was the best poem about a Royal Red Onion that I have read. It made my eyes water.

That Chick Over There said...


dennis said...

oh, we found the onion! Somehow I had placed it in the freezer and soggy, thawed onion was not a menu item to be highlighted...

wayabetty said...

So poetic Dennis! Now every time I see the red onion, I'll picture you! Oh, that's scary. ;-)

dennis said...

betty: thank you!