Monday, March 03, 2008

Sick Days at the Playground

The only thing that moves slower than girl.imp taking medicine (she has strep throat) is watching boy.imp move from point 'A' to point 'B' while anywhere outside of the Playground premises.

It truly took the poor dear (girl.imp) almost 15 minutes to chew and swallow 2 tablets before lunch today.

After that episode and what with dragging them both (girl.imp because she was sick and tired and boy.imp because he is...well, he is boy.imp and has his own internal clock. One that I now recognize that I ran on when I was younger. Yes, Mutherrrrr, your curse has hit home. Thank you!!) through the grocery store, I asked wife.imp to bring some bourbon home after work.

I think she thinks I was kidding.

I think I was kidding..?

At least it was warm and I got outside for some excercise!!


Hannah said...

Strep throat? And she had pills? That sucks... I'm sure they were very hard to get down.

Hoping the imps are feeling better soon. And that you did end up with bourbon.

dennis said...

H: Thank you! She managed the pills with ample mouthfuls of water. I, however, had to make due with Rockstar Energy drinks instead of bourbon...