Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I got it! I got it! I got it!

So it had been relatively quiet all day.  Then girl.imp arrives home from school, rushes upstairs (front door left wide open) and announces to the world in general that she needs to use the facilities (door left wide open so that we can visually verify she did indeed lower the seat??)

So she decides that it is time to play with our epileptic cat (one seizure since adopting the wee beastie just before Christmas).  However no toy is immediately apparent so I offer the following advise.  

"Why don't you get a penny and slide it across the floor?"

Our cat loves playing with coins, rings...anything that slides on our floors.  Just this morning I found her chasing one of my rings under the dining room table and chairs.  The ring (according to my memory) had been resting on the bathroom sink...

So g.imp gets a dime and launches it across the room.  The cat launches herself across the room in pursuit and crashes into the hall closet's sliding doors, rebounds down the hall and ends up somewhere in the bowls of our bathroom.  G.imp then follows the cat in and cannot find the dime.  In the meantime the cat races past my feet and hides under the curtains.

me: have you checked her mouth for the dime?
g.imp: her mouth?
me: yep.  you might want to hurry before she swallows it...
g.imp: ahhhhhhhhhh! (racing toward the cat)

I love playing with the imps!!