Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snow, Ice, Snow, Vomit, Snow...

With the latest winter storm (we 'suffered' through 4+" of snow and about 1/4" ice) the schools finally closed, allowing dad.imp (me) to sleep in.  One would have thought everybody would be able to sleep in.

However, girl.imp found out almost all the Justice League videos can be accessed by computer and she gets up extra early to get a solid 2 hours in before anybody else is awake.

Boy.imp caught the boomarang sinus infection and is suffering that again, as well as vomiting multiple times during the night.  We probably would have missed this except for 2 things:

1) He was sleeping with his grandmother and she woke up the second time he threw up.
2) She woke up the 2nd time because his movements while cleaning up the mess (he confessed to having cleaned up from his earlier bout of vomiting) woke her up.

Upon learning my boy was sick, but willing to clean up after himself, I grunted my acknowledgement of the news and went back to sleep.  After all, I really was not needed was I?


Maria said...

I remember several times when Liv was sick...she needed to sleep with me, of course, and always ended up throwing up in my bed.

I think I went through about three blankets and comforters just because that smell really never comes out, does it?

Dad Stuff said...

Wow! Cleans up after himself?
What a great kid.
We had our bout of stomach flu about a month ago. Hopefully we are done for this year.