Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Want the Eyeball!!

So we are eating fish for dinner tonight and girl.imp is vehemently opposed (it was not salmon) and boy.imp was not interested in anything but the eyeball.

After listening to him whine, cry, demand, wheedle, nag about not having the eyeball I took a knife and pried it out of the fish head and plopped it onto his plate.

At that point he happily squished the goo between his fingers and ate dinner (girl.imp decided that the fish was not as bad as she hoped and managed to finish hers so she could eat grapes for dessert).

Turns out I gave b.imp the eyeball goo  and not the actual eyeball.  However, his Inay pried it out of the fish after dinner and gave it to him as an after dinner toy.

Anyway, if y'all wanna' come on over for dinner, I'm sure we can find an eyeball or two to spare for you....