Monday, January 19, 2009

New Year-New Snow-Same 'Ole Imps

I could have, I really really really could have taken my 'puter to the local coffee bin and spent an afternoon relaxing with my favorite caffiene/calorie overdose.  But no, I decided that I could go home.  Work on the dining room table until it was time to start dinner (which I am getting burned out with cooking on a nightly basis -Yea me!  Only 60-80 more years of that left).

Yessir, I was feeling pretty good about life.  The little shopping that needed to be done was complete and I was ready to get inside, hook up the music and...and there they were.  An extra pair of kids-sized shoes in the entranceway.  

Current plans are now past plans and future plans of 'Me Time' look bleak.  Especially when they insist on playing hide and seek in two rooms (Because our house is too small to let them run wild--and they are not going to be playing in the furnace room or my bedrooms!).

So here I sit, amid the slamming of doors (I have to let them play somewhere...right?) and ear-numbing rock (sanity!!)

Only 30 more minutes and I can start kicking people out....


Maria said...

I admit that I frackin hate it when Liv and her friends play hide and seek. They are like baby elephants stomping around.

creative-type dad said...

My daughter has the same hiding place. It's not really much of a challenge.