Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Been Running

So Dennis, here you go on vacation for 2 weeks and then you leave an odd post or two and then...what?

Weeeeeeell, I found out that I can single-handedly stop my computer from being able to connect to the internet. I also found out that correcting the problem is a 5-hour process. BUT I am back online and looking forward to a marginally improved presence here and there (I might not be commenting on all your sites, but I am reading...)

So what is new?

Wife.Imp's car has a problem where the a/c only runs well while the car is moving at speed.
Diana, got any suggestions before I drop $$$ with the local swind...mechanic??

wife.imp started another job--very similar to what she was doing but with more room for advancement. I am planning my early retirement where I travel the world and scuba dive!!!

Or I'll just keep going to work and stare down those bills (bills mind you. not loans) that have dogged my ass since college!

Speaking of which, I have my 20th high school reunion this year. (clapclapclap, Yea me!) We recently received a list of names for classmates that have disappeared. After reading the list I informed wife.imp that I really did not need/want to see any of those listed. Am I just being mean?

I have also realized that the imps need to hear an apology from us...after all, it is becoming clearer and clearer that the mess around here is not of their making...


wayabetty said...

Hi Dennis! I'm back to reading my favorite bloggers after a 2 wks hiatus. You know, the child birth thing got in the way!

HS reunion...people still attend those things?

dennis said...

betty: I attend to see how the Hells Minions that made my 10 years (I spent two lovely years in the WVa public school system -- and please no jokes. We used to make fun of Ohioans when I lived ther) in the Ohio public school system have been.

I always hope that they have done worse than myself.

Nice of me, huh?