Thursday, June 28, 2007

A House is a House is a Split Level...

My elder brother and I have recently had several disagreements. This one is one that I can actually post (I could actually post the others but they would include more people than I care to eventually apologise to).

Wife.Imp and the fam and I live in a split-level house. It is a very nice house with lots of shade, big yard and a quiet street. Yet the very nature of this type of construction makes it difficult to entertain (no I am not talking about wild, swinging, key (sic: wife) swapping parties).

We found out long ago that if we have a tadoo at our house that people will either go up or down upon entering (no other choice really) and then stay in that general area the rest of the evening. Meanwhile we have to run up and down all night.

Not a lot of fun really.

So what was the argument with my brother? He is in denial about the construction style of his house. It also is a split-level home. You enter the front door and make a decision that will stick with you for the remainder of the visit. Go up or go down?

To him, this is not a split but it is instead a 'Raised Ranch'.

Well Hell! Pardon my dumb, redneck ass! A 'Raised Ranch?'

Of course I did not say this. Instead I came out with the old standard: A rose by any other name...

He did not seem to like that analogy. However, I did not back down. Not one bit.

That is my story and I am sticking to it!


Maria said...

So, like was it "put up your dukes, dude" fighting or just growling and snickering at each other.

I like man fights better. You guys seem to blast at each other and then get on with life. In my family, we are all girls and I swear, we hold grudges for YEARS.

Hannah said...

I agree with Maria, this is the kind of fight that my two sisters and I could lovingly revisit on every major holiday for YEARS.

And it's a split level. I know, because I've owned two. And yes, you do have to commit to a level when you arrive, and that's where people stay. It's just human nature, I think. "Raised ranch" my ass.