Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Anonymity redux redux

Location Search Term

Canada: che (?????????)
Sexy Imps (see powell, ohio below...rrrrrrrow!)
h (??????)

United Kingdom: dalek colouring (silver are the foot soldiers and black is the #1 dude, but it's gone now--killed by the other 3 members of the Order of Skaro- the question here is 'does this answer or the three following search terms disturb you folks most??')
perfect pooing position (preferably with nether regions exposed and arranged in such a manner as to not involve your lower extremities in this activity)
wet skirts (bad aim. too bad)
Boy bothering cows (i'm starting to be vaguely disturbed by my British visitors)
dream im having a pee then wet the bed (I'm told Depends are useful here)

France: Neighbors form hell 2 on vacation (there is a funny story here, isn't there?)

Powell, Ohio: keegan connor tracy oops (-90 second break while I google something-)

Douglasville, GA: abbott & Costello…herd of cows (nope, but Mike Rowe herding cows, pigs, ostrich--hell, Mike Rowe herding anything is funny!)

Columbus, OH: dog-faced imp (you poor poor dear..)

Tokyo, Japan: perfectworld?item cheat (wasn't perfect world a reality t.v. show?)


creative-type dad said...

perfect pooing position? wet skirts?

Sounds like you need some help...