Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Reunion Dress Code

There has been a buzz in the air for the past year concerning wife.imp's high school reunion with her American-based classmates. As the reunion is iminent there has been a running dialogue about "What can 'I' wear?" amongst the prospective attendees. As this issue has been rencently put to rest, I thought I would pass on to you 'The Dress Code':

The following can be worn at the reunion:
· Any apparel which is particulary revealing such as bareshouldered sundresses, mini-skirts, etc.
· T-shirts
· Tank tops
· Blouses (no mesh or crop tops)
· Collared shirts,
· Polo shirts,
· Sport shirts w/collars
· Shirts without ties

· Sweaters
· Vests
· Sport coats
· Blazers

· Jeans or any type of denim apparel
· Overalls
· Casual dress pants (dockers, chinos, khakis)
· Slacks that are more than 3" above the ankle
· Sweat pants and/or workout apparel
· Spandex
· Shorts or city shorts
· Skorts
· Skirts that are more than 3" above the knee
· Skirts

· Clothes with slogans or large logos and/or Camouflage print

· Dress shoes
· Dress shoes or non-athletic shoes, including dress sandals
· Athletic shoes
· Sneakers
· Hiking boots
· Combat boots
· Beach or "Birkenstock" type sandals
· Flip flops (thong slippers)

But please no formal attire, such as evening gown!


Maria said...

Skorts....now I want to see lots of people wearing those, just so that I can say,"I LOVE those skorts you are wearing!"

Gina said...

Oh I do things like that....run around wasting time. Wasting Gas. Wasting money. Today I went into my overspending anxiety mode....Parents anniversary. I never feel like I do enough. So I over do. And get all worked up over nuttin. Anyhow....I am the only one at home so I hope that my nephew or brother will kick in...you know. Would be nice. But it's okay....just a lot of runnin. I have to get out of the house.

High school reunions are fun! how many years out????

Mark said...

Wow, that's some list. What about superhero costumes?

dennis said...

Maria: ok, but I refuse to shave my legs!

gina: this year is my 20th and wife.imp is the same age but RPI schools do not have 7th grade (I think) and she skipped another year so that would put her about 22 years (her college graduation actually occurred 2 years after my high school graduation...)

mark: an interesting question...

Hannah said...

I am relieved to see that Crocs are not on the list. Thank goodness there are still some sane people left in the world.

dennis said...

hannah: i blithly missed most fashion trends in my youth...crocs?

That Chick Over There said...

Evening gowns are highly overrated.

Rebecca said...

Ok, so I am planning to wear my skort, but can I accessorize with my tiara? Cuz, you know...I don't want to be too casual.