Saturday, July 14, 2007

The House Always Wins

We are enjoying wife.imp's high school reunion (the Chicago iteration) and between gatherings I got to go to a local casino and lose $40 to the house. I was up $39 on the $.25 slots but pressed my luck and lost it all.

But this is not the 'house' I wish to discuss. We left on Friday and I had thought I got everything that wife.imp verbally listed Thurday evening. However Thurs. I advised her that I would be at my dad's in the a.m. on Fri. and if she could email me, I would check while I was there.

So, on Friday, no emails. I called her office and got her voicemail. Sooooo, I went with my memory and thought I did a pretty damn good job. Until I did pick her up and listened to her questions about the new list...

To dos:
1. Please bring the 80s CDs with you. There should be 5. If you can grab Hall and Oates, James Ingram, Ryan Cayabyab (one voice), APO hiking society as well as best of Gary Valenciano, that would be nice, but don't kill yourself over it. (check if the CDs are inside the cases, some of them may not be - would be great if I have some "singable" CDs - some of them may be in the CD holder in my car or in the big icebox that holds the stuff from the van).
OK. I got the 5 80s cds and several Filipino artists-although not the ones she specified. I did not check inside the cases but have been pretty lucky this weekend as the few that I have opened have held the proper CD.

2. Can we bring a cooler/icebox in case we get some tocino etc???
Yes. I even put grapes in it for snackage.

3. We have an ATM here (wife.imp's workplace), we can just get cash here.
Ok, I did take some cash out myself as well.

4. Can you bring our checkbook? Also can you get the account number of the joint checking account we have with Ate Glen? I need to make sure the bank doesn't start charging us because I moved over the direct deposit. I can call the bank on the way.

5. Don't forget the cell phone charger.
Ummmm...(however I do have a charger in my car at all times)

6. don't forget to check the thermostat - not sure if we need to have the AC on all weekend.

7. Could you also bring the IKEA catalog that is by rachel's door? I could do some of that during the drive.

8. timers for the lights?

Don’t forget my stuff: A. huggies box that has all the lotions/soaps to give away, the brown envelope on top of it
(I did get this!!)

(you can put this in the suitcase pocket--I did not do this) and the white plastic bag that has the white bags that I need to sew buttons on on the way up there tonight (need to be accessible from car--YES! I am on a roll)
B. Gift bag for Rhoda and family

C. all my clothes on the floor downstairs (plus razor and shaving cream) - please note too that I have the black folder with the pad of paper in that pile also. Yes I would like to bring that.
Everything on the floor in said pile was scooped into a suitcase!

D. toiletries - toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant
Got these too!

E. Coke and water and snax
I got the grapes and the icebox...


Rebecca said...

Sounds like you did a pretty fair job. Funny, I don't trust my hubby to pack...ANYTHING. Not even for himself. I am a packing nazi. Also? Weren't you the one who forgot to pack the Christmas presents? Or am I confuzzling you with someone else?

dennis said...

rebecca: sure sure...let's focus on the negatives and not the positives.

creative-type dad said...

IKEA catalog??

for directions, right?

Hannah said...

Holy jesus, and how long are you guys going for? I thought this was a weekend thing, not an invasion of a slightly unfriendly neighbouring country.

That's an INSANE list. You did well. Have a hero cookie.

Chaos Control said...

I think you did pretty darn well ... after all, that was one hell of a long list!!!

wayabetty said...

You're DA MAN Dennis! Now, that's something other hubbies should take notes of "read directions".

dennis said...

From Wife.IMP:
Don't suck up too much to Dennis.

The bad part is that I HAVE to think of the list. 'Turn the lights off...'. To my way of thinking that's just basic...and why am I behooved to have to think of that?

oh, and thank you for visiting Dennis' blog.