Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MIA at the Playground

I know this summer has been crazy with slow posting on my part but I would like to shout out to some of my favorite bloggers in hopes that they shall soon return:

- Kidzoo.blogspot.com (aka: Undercover Angel) it has been too long since you blessed us with your sarcastic wit!

- Sweatpantsmom.blogspot.com: Hope your over-informed frontal lobe suffers a little amnesia and you return to us soon!

- Stuckinelmosworld.blogspot.com: Diana? Hope all is well and hurry back so I can get this 'Candle In the Wind' song out of my mind!

- confessionsofastagemom.blogspot.com: Just when I was starting to get really really interested in disco...

- mrsfortune.blogspot.com: come on! seriously now! we are not as addictive as reality t.v.????

- whoduhthunkit.blogsome.com: Can you STILL be too tired??

thank you...