Thursday, November 29, 2007

I went to my quarterly blood draw yesterday

and because the imp's babysitter had a dental appt for one of her boys, boy.imp went with me.
Yep, boy.imp got to watch daddy bleed into a clear plastic bag for about 15 minutes.

his comment to wife.imp last night whilst they were discussing the event was:
b.imp: I will never, never, never, ever, ever, ever...

then he fell asleep because boy.imp is apparantly suffering from flu-like symptoms. Wife.imp also fell asleep and I watched the OSU men's baskeball team get dismantled by a very impressive squad from North Carolina.

Girl.Imp finished reading the last Harry Potter book and wants to start with the beginning of the series and work her way through. She has also found the joy of books on tape!! She now prefers to sit next to the cd player upstairs and shuns tv and the computer (so now we are sans Hannah Montana and You.Tube in our house)

Does anybody know if/when Dr. Who and Torchwood's next seasons will be broadcast in the USA airwaves?

Have I mentioned that we have corrupted the imps? Because of us they know most of the NPR daily shows, including Car Talk and Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.

They just love 'How Things Are Made', 'Dirty Jobs', and 'Mythbusters' on the Discovery Channel and they would get to see more American Chopper if Paul, Sr. would censor his thought processes a tad more regularly.

So, Santa is bringing some Boss gifts for the imps this year (that's right girl.imp, daddy has been talking with Santa and I know what he is bringing you! hahahahahaha)


Pageant Mom said...

I actually don't mind Hannah Montana... it's no-stress entertainment LOL

Last time I gave blood I panicked and they asked me not to come back.

I really did try...

dennis said...

pm: I have no choice in the matter, much like going on the roof with my fear of heights, I cannot afford to indulge the phobia.

I have Hemochromatosis, which means regualar blood draws are necesary for a chance at a normal life.

MdG said...

I remember going with my dad once when he donated blood. Though I don't remember watching it happen, maybe because I'm a girl. I just remember they had plates of cookies and a huge glass refigerator fulled with soda.

I also don't mind Hannah Montana much. But Piko loves Mythbusters too. So sometimes I'll hear her playing and she'll say.
"SWEET niblets!! There's your problem!"

Maria said...

Liv LOVES those shows on the Discovery Channel. She is especially attached to Dirty Jobs.

And, she like Hannah Montana too. I can hardly stand this show. The acting is so over the top that I can not fathom what holds her interest, but it does.

I cannot bear the sight of blood. The few times that Liv has spouted it, I managed to be strong until it was all over. The one time I had to take her to the ER (she and Sven were chasing each other and she tried to leap over a dishwasher lid that was down, missed and took a head wound that bled like a stuck pig...) I was fine until Bing arrived to escort us both home. I fainted in the parking lot walking to the car...