Sunday, November 04, 2007

Since Halloween...

Our neighbor purchased a Nurse outfit for his daughter. A real bargain at $2.99. However he neglected to read the clipboard part of the outfit.

suffice to say, he is no longer allowed to shop for costumes for his daughter...

I was listening to the 'Capitol Steps' while doling out the candy. I did not really hear the innuendo in the lyrics, until a couple 4-year-olds ran up with thier parents.

The imps have been running around the house challenging our authority. At various times the following can be heard throughout the Playground:

'Do you want a piece of me, Old Man' or 'Do you want a piece of me, Old Woman'

Girl.imp tried to throwdown with wife.imp on Saturday and got her butt kicked!!!

I was at work on Saturday (and missed the OSU - Wisconsin game--which sucked because it was a good win) and was kicked off of somebody's property. This is not too bad as it occassionally happens that some landowners do not appreciate the Oil and Gas business. However this guy wanted to vent at 'The Man' and Saturday I played the role. So after he vented he had this real exaggerated finger-snap, pointing thing going on as he told me where my car was (we were standing right next to it) and bid me 'good day'.

I had to admit, I just made his day.


creative-type dad said...

'Do you want a piece of me, Old Man'

That's funny - but scary.

It's like they're little 'Taxi Drivers'

Maria said...

I really detest finger snappers. Kind of makes you want to take those fingers and twist them backwards and make them wince and beg you to stop while you laugh and say, "Ha, Ha, you little finger snapper man. Do you want a piece of me, old man?"


This is what happens when you swallow road rage because you have a child in the car. It comes out somewhere else......

wayabetty said...

The "throw down" is too funny! And your reply is "Make my day punk!" or something like that right?!

BTW, isn't OSU ranked pretty high? BC got their @ss kicked this past weekend. IT was not pretty at all.