Sunday, November 25, 2007

It is Mid-November and it is time for...

'The Annual Mowing of Our Leaves'!

Yes, here at 'The Playground' I have given up on the traditional rake. This style of leaf removal tends to eat up an entire weekend and I have to store 20+ bags of leaves in my garage for days on end until trash day.

Why mess with the old way, when one can mow the leaves down to a fine yard mulch inside of 2 hours? (less if, for instance, the leaves were not actually shin deep in the yard)

But Dennis, you'll stand out as as a radical if you persist in this new wave thinking!!

What will your neighbors think if you abandon the yard rake?

Well folks, today they saw a good idea in action and joined in. One neighbor actually started out with the rake and soon moved up to a riding mower...

Yes, it does feel good being an innovator!

I was going to post about how to muzzle the stalkarazzi (thank you Mr. Clooney for this idea) today. But I will back-pocket this idea for the moment.


Pageant Mom said...

Awww my husband has been doing this for years LOL

Of course, we don't care what the neighbors think... oh yeah, that's right... we don't have any!!!! LOLOLOL

okay it's getting late, going off to bed now


MdG said...

One of Sarge's favorite things about the "new" house is that all the leaf losing trees are in the neighbor's yard. He does not take into consideration thoug the fact that if they do not rake, then the leaves blow into our yard.

Which of course is exactly what happened.

Are the Imps sad that there are not leaf piles to jump into though?