Monday, February 09, 2009

Changes at the Playground

Well, my Inay (wife.imp's mom--Inay is tagalog for mother/mom/female parental unit) has been staying with us and an ongoing struggle has been waged, very politely, but waged.

First let me say that this is a variant on the struggle I had with with my SIL (and with wife.imp) when she stayed with us.  At some point last year I decided, 'No more 'effen yardsales!'  So, if an object annoyed me and had no immediate/future use that could be easily ascertained and I did not make it to the goodwill, off to the corner of the drive it went on trash day.

Well my wife's side of the family comes from a country where things are recycled until not even spit and glue can keep things together.  SO, either w.imp would chastise me about irresponsible disposal habits or the SIL would (sometimes quite literally) follow me to the trash deposited by the curb and drag things back to the garage.  She CLAIMED that she would have them shipped home if we no longer wanted/used them.  

Ok.  I let things stand with the stuff, until SIL left and left me a garage full of crap that I tried to throw away.  I can now repeat those words so famously uttered by our previous president, "Mission Accomplished!"

This brings us to the leftover battle I am waging with Inay.  I will let things sit for 1 week (maybe for 1 week plus days) in the fridge before I start eyeing the trash.  IF nobody is eating the food (and that happens) or we do not recycle it as a leftover dinner (this rarely happens) then it must go.

Unless Inay eats it first.  There have been times when I have told her that it has been a good effort but things really should go.  So it has become a race.  Will the oatmeal leftover from last Tuesday get eaten before trash day, or will I be cleaning leftovers out of the fridge on Wednesday night?

So far it is a clear draw...