Thursday, February 05, 2009

I Have Been Tagged

Thank you Diana!

1. My favorite bumper stickers: As a matter of fact office, I do own the road! //
Kissing a smoker is like licking an ashtray

2. My baby photo makes the dog walking backwards with its butt shaved a Brad
Pitt look-a-like

3. I am often at odd with myself: Store this junk just in case it can be useful or
throw this crap away because it take up too much space

4. As a younger lad, deadlines tended to amuse me

5. They still do.

6. Our family had its own time zone. There was the Eastern Time zone, Slow
time (re: how women view the actual time when they are supposed to leave the
house for a party) and our family's time (re: how long the scout troop/baseball
team/football team would actually delay departing on a road trip before I would
finally show up)

7. I will judge your character within 1 minute of actually meeting you. (I have a
brother who will make his decision based on the first words out of your mouth)

8. I have never been wrong

9. I tend to finish your part of the conversation in my mind before you actually
do finish speaking

10. This makes laughing at your jokes hard

11. I have been wrong

12. I do realize that I am not the center of the universe

13. No, really. I am serious.

14. I believe that all things are possible to achieve

15. Until you don't achieve them. Then they are impossible, impractical, and just plain not cool

16. I have often tried to discern the moment when political correctness took the place of common sense

17. I believe that with today's pc culture the phrase 'Suck it up' can cause more trouble than it helps

18. Suck it up!

19. Tattoos as a means to show how tough one is is so low class. Any damn fool can draw a picture

20. But the covering of ones body with the scars of life (like that tree branch that broke my fall--momentarily- when I was 5sh, or that scar on my arm from when I was wrestling my brother and he pulled my arm through the metal workings on the underside of the couch or the time I dropped that knife through the back of my hand)...

21. Everyone please meet any damn fool...

22. Redheads are the best (especially when it comes with green eyes and a slight Irish lilt)

23. Bottled red is worse than bottled blonde

24. Pundits (both liberal and conservative--moderates have too much self-respect) should be caged on and island somewhere. Guantanamo..?

25. I often wonder if Hollywood can/will actually release more than 2-3 films a year that are not remakes of an older movie


That Chick Over There said...

You mean you AREN'T the center of the universe? WTH?


dennis said...

No...I have to admit that I have been reminded of this cousin insists she is the center of the universe and she is not happy with anyone who might contradict her...LOL