Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Should we go out in public?

Before I digress into the main thrust of tonight's blog, let me just state that both imps have made it decidedly difficult for us to enjoy a dinner out. As a matter of fact, we are those parents who have imps that want/try to run wild in restaurants...

Our apologies.

Now on to tonight's post!

Girl.Imp had her school's Christmas pageant. Yes, our little, Catholic, school girl was a penguin in a choir for the school's play on how Penguins Rescued Santa and saved Christmas!

(yes...yes...lighten up dennis...)

Before we get to the stage let's take a quick trip to the after dinner conversation Boy.Imp had with, well you'll see:

boy.imp: Pecker! peck. peck. Pecker!

wife.imp was rushing to eat and discussing her day, thus probably missed this activity on b.imp's part.

me: (pecker? wtf, b.imp?)

b.imp: Pecker! Pecker! peck. peck. Pecker!

me: ummm...(it was right here that I saw b.imp was playing with two of the bird ornaments from the Christmas tree. Yes, this was truly an 'aha!' moment!)

Back to the Play:
The 1st grade, penguin choir starts into its recital and can anyone guess whose little imp stood in the center of the podium and Yawned her way through two of three songs?

Or perhaps which imp was chatting with others around her and (as we discovered later) initiated tickle fights during the songs?

Or, can anyone guess, which darling, little imp simply had to indulge herself in the heavy-metal, head-banging motion during a pause in the singing?

Yes our imp was front and center All.Night.Long!

and do not think that sitting in the audience was a treat. B.imp, when he wasn't busy hopping on and off of our laps also preferred other seats:

wife.imp: (whispering in my ear) Ouch! He's sitting on my boobies!!
(b.imp was standing on her lap leaning back into her...um...chestal region and kind of bouncing up and down to the music...)
me: teeheehee!

However, while it appears (to wife.imp's great dismay) g.imp has inherited daddy's--ahem--'rhythm', she really can carry a tune. Plus, not once was she caught picking her nose or nibbling on her fingernails during the concert!


Diana said...

The sitting on the boobies hurts. Don't laugh.

Hey, if she didn't pick her nose she did fine, I say she was doing the heavy-metal banging motion because she was waiting for the REAL music to start...or the 'remix'.

Anonymous said...

I miss those pageants when I was a kid.

BTW- All Night Long! (very famous Lionel Richie song, ya' know)

dennis said...

Diana: actually g.imp told me she was rocking to the start of the next song!

Tony: You are a TRUE Lionel Richie fan!!!

Pageant Mom said...

Ahhh never stifle the actions of a truly free spirit!!!

Gizmo had her Christmas program tonight too, and managed to wrestle her underwear, scratch her nose, Yell "HI MOM" 8 times at the breaks between songs and do "the bump" with her neighbors on the risers the entire time during a rousing version of away in the manager....

Anonymous said...

Yup - you go to 'one' Lionel concert and this is what happens.

Next thing you know, I'll be growing a mustache.

Resist the temptation of ever going man!- I'm living proof of what happens...