Monday, December 18, 2006

Time-Hasteners - Final Edition

So the final Six have arrived just in time to bring in the Holiday Weekend with a minimum of stress (are you listening honey? a minimum of stress...)

6: - William Shatner 'sings' "Rocket Man".

5: - Leonard Nemoy sings the Virtues of Bilbo Baggins!

4: - After this, I truly became a fan of Disco (and computer animation!!)

3: - The Capitol Steps. It does not matter your political views, Liberal, Conservative, Repbulican, Democrat, you will be mocked as the opportunity presents. Right now we have Bush....(but remember we once also had Bubba)

2: - This is a must see, all day event!!

1: - You might never trust your computer again - Learn to fear runaway programs!!

Bonus Time-Hasteners!!

a: - The original runaway program.

b: - Mambo music and Chinese food. You never really do get too much of this and you will find yourself going back for more!!


Diana said...

That Chinese food song!!! LOLOLOLOLOL!!!! I loved it!

Anonymous said...

Shatner needed to be stopped long ago

Jenny said...

The drum machine thing is fab!

dennis said...

Diana: That is still one of my faves!
Tony: Lordy, you gotta love Shatner!
Jenny: That one is my absolute favorite!!!

Anonymous said...

Flash is so cool. I really need to learn it better.