Saturday, December 30, 2006

Here's a Question for all you Gearheads

Yes, Diana I am speaking to you (or through you to your hubs).

But before we get to the motorhead question of the year, I thought I would bring up a difference between the imps' generation and my generation.

In playacting with fake guns, the imps will often supply the following sound effects:

B'yoom! b'yoom! b'yoomb'yoomb'yoomb'yoom! (accent on the 'b' and up an octave on the 'yoom')

Say it fast enough and it sounds like laser guns firing.

When I was growing up and playing with fake guns, our sound effects went much like:

Bang! Pow! bangbangbang! powpowpow!

My imps' sound effects are sooo much cooler!

Ok, back the $800.00 question:

My 2001 Ford Escape (yes 4x4) was roaring up a hill near the Playground and just simply stopped its forward momentum. Sitting on the side of the road it idled between 200-500 rpms (for those of you who do not bleed grease when cut, this means the car was trying its best to stop running).

I can tell you what was not wrong (our mechanic spent 4 days playing with the motor and was about two more bruised knuckles from giving up and then stumbled upon the solution).

Not the cause of the malfuntion:
1- Bad Gas
2- Faulty Fuel Pump
3- Blocked Fuel Line

So (motorheads, diana or diana's hubs) what was the problem?

(no, I was not charged $800 for repairs. After all, I did not have to go to a dealer for any work! The final bill was much, much, much lower!!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Dennis...not Diana but a gearhead at heart none the less.

Did your mechanic check all of the computer sensors. In this day and age you'd be amazed at how much a simple celenoid or sensor being off can affect the performance of you vehicle.

I wasn't much help I know but at least I gave you another question to ask.

dennis said...
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dennis said...

M02: You are SUCH a Gearhead! I can tell you that our guy not only has been working on motors all his life, but he and his sons (at one time) built and raced cars.

I can tell you if he cannot find the problem, it (99.99 of the time) is not mechanical.

I can tell you the issue was not caused by a faulty sensor.

Diana said...

Okay. Mamaof2-you ARE a gear head to know about sensors. (have I mentioned lately how much I heart you?)
Sorry Dennis-back to you-
Have you tried the simplest thing of all? A tune-up? Sometimes a car idles really low and it could just be that the spark plugs and wires need to be changed because they are burnt out or just old and they are not giving the car enough spark to "GO". If your guy hasn't tried that- try it. If not, then let me know and the higher gearhead gods will be consulted.

dennis said...

Diana: Mo2 is a true Gearhead! I can confirm that a tune-up was not the issue. Mo2 was very close with her advice.

What went wrong was that a sensor worked as it was designed.

We are not really certain how the chain of events allowed this but the pieces of the puzzle worked out to be thus:

1- tiny bit of foam
2- master air regulator sensor
3- (did I mention a tiny bit of foam?)

Car runs like it is brand new off of the line!

When my mechanic retires, I am going to call you and Mo2 for all car-related questions!!

Diana said...

She and I should open up our own garage, just hire the men to do all the actual work.
Glad it's working!

Anonymous said...

Glad the car is fixed Dennis.
And as for me and Diana opening a garage...hey I am all for that!