Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Imps Speak

During Mass girl.imp decides to pull boy.imp onto her lap as mid-ceremony entertainment and before wife.imp or myself can do anything (with b.imp laying across her lap face-up) g.imp leans down into his face and:


We are sitting down to dinner at a restaurant and b.imp makes the following request:

Come on and start this party, let's all have some Bicardi!

vacation photos 2007, Philippines:

JollyBee and Imps

Imps at a birthday party

Imps enjoying the Chocolate Hills


DD said...

Why is the JollyBee lying on top of g.imp? And why is she smiling about it?

Hannah said...

*snicker* This day on the playground brought to you by Bacardi!

dennis said...

dd: i would think that JollyBee bit off more than it could chew...

hannah: thank you. thank you very much.

Maria said...

A bacardi....I haven't had a good one in years.

Boy imp knows how to get things rolling. This may be a cause for concern in about ten years.....:)