Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Rivalry is Not Dead!

For several years now, I have been a proponent of supporting the 'team up North' until the week of 'The Game'. At which time, recently, I have taken a great deal of satisfaction in Buckeye wins.

But watching the 'boys in blue' lose in November is no longer good enough. Not when they are responsible for girl.imp's having to seek therapy while still in pre-school!

Yep, the 'Team with the Ugly Hats' is going to pay for my baby's bi-weekly, hour-long sessions!

How did this happen? Much like anything else, it all started so innocently:

g.imp: I'm going to have to root for Michigan!
me: WTF??
g.imp: yeah, I have to root for Michigan because their team's colors are the same colors for my school.
me: No, no, nononononono! You don't HAVE to root for them...
g.imp: Yes, I do. We have the same colors.
me: Well, you better not let your grandfather or uncles here you say that. Otherwise they'll tell me that I have to take you out to the backwoods somewhere and leave you...

Approx 30 seconds later the wailing started and g.imp collapsed into a sobbing heap and refused to move.

And, yes, I blame Michigan!


Mark said...

Hmm, same thing happened to me when my oldest told me he liked the Bengals because his favorite animal is the tiger.

Hannah said...

ya lost me. i know nothing about this football (you are talking about football, right?)

MdG said...

Michigan makes little girls cry?

Pageant Mom said...

Duh!! It's all about fashion... (of course!!!)

Maria said...

Have her switch to the Huskers. They have very sexy red and white uniforms and nice hats, I mean helmets.

Because I notice that shit.