Saturday, January 19, 2008

Girl.Imp Speaks (daddy quietly freaks)

g.imp: mommy, I have a question.
(it is around 10p.m. and bedtime for the imps. G.imp has meandered downstairs and pulls up a chair infront of wife.imp and myself)
w.imp: yes... (g.imp has been using this time of night to bombard us with Harry Potter questions and wife.imp was about to roust her back upstairs)
g.imp: Am I developing my milk-feeders yet? (waving a hand infront of her chest


Mama of 2 said...


Now that's one I've never heard before. So is she? LOL

dennis said...

Mo2: Nope. Nothing yet!

creative-type dad said...


What's on your TV???

Diana said...

*jaw dropped*

I'm not ready for my kids to be asking me these things...

Hannah said...

Milk-feeders. Oh boy.