Sunday, January 27, 2008

Wife.Imp has not been feeling well

and has been curled up with her fever and chills and generally not feeling better. Water tastes bad, soup was eaten but was it really tasted?

Even the Tylenol did not help her headache. In fact it steamrolled right over her medicine. So I felt it was time to start a conversation:

me: I just want to be perfectly clear on this point. Just to be certain...
wife.imp: mmm
me: There's--there's not going to be any sex tonight is there?


Rebecca said...

HAHA! Good God, all men must think alike. I hope wifey gets well soon so your sex life can resume. Is it ok if she demands sex when you have the flu?

Anonymous said...

Dennis you ass. But then again, at least oyu asked, my husband would probably just hold the tissue my nose while I sneezed...LOL!

Sendign her some get-well wishes. Being a sick mommy sucks.

Diana- (at work so I can't log on, they'll find me! LOL)

Maria said...

Bing avoids me like the plague when I am sick. She has this thing about germs, won't even kiss me on the lips.

But, when SHE is sick, does she reciprocate and keep her hands and mouth to herself? NO, sirree bob.

Talk about rude....

wayabetty said...

Did she puke all over you?