Wednesday, January 09, 2008

White Guy cooking Adobo

No, it is not me. Wife.Imp assured me that he did a good job with both the recipe and the language - a Tagalog & English mix called Taglish.

After watching this video, I can now cook this dish and have determined that I should be able to learn Taglish as well!


Maria said...

Hmmm...could not open it. Probably for the best if it was a recipe.

Maria said...

Well, this looked pretty damn easy peasy. Even I couldn't do much to mess it up.

Now, I want to see a video of YOU making this dish, with the kiddos running around your legs.

See, this is why cooking shows never work for me. There is never a puppy running between Rachel Ray's legs. You never see her walking across the kitchen and then suddenly tripping because the puppy went between her legs and you never see a child wandering through the kitchen in the middle of her recipe spouting saying that they are "so hungry" and can't they just have one little tiny bowl of ice cream?

I want to see Rachel lose it on tv and fall on her ass because the puppy trips her and then have to deal with trying to pry the chicken out of the dog's mouth AND then determine if she can just wash it off and it will be okay?

dennis said...

Note to self: Maria and Rachel Ray must never share the same kitchen...Emeril? Fine, Jamie Oliver? Fine. Bobby Flay? BRING IT! Mark from "Mark Ruins Dinner?" The more the merrier...

But Rachel Ray? Nope. ...'and the twain never shall meet...'

Diana said...

Dennis- that looks yummy, but it sucks that I can't make it. (Soy sauce= BAD! Son is allergic to soy now. BOOOOO!!!)
Maria- yes, YES! I agree. Damn cooking channel makes everyone look so relaxed when they're cooking. Not at my house. Anything that can't be thrown in the oven and left unattended for an hour cannot be made! That's also why my new crock pot is my friend.