Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ok, there are some things one should not post

Especially when they have very young imps who both know how to read and know how to find your blog...

So while I was at work today, girl.imp read my last post and began asking wife.imp what I meant. Turns out wife.imp was not in to filling in the blanks I left and let girl.imp call me at work (re: while I was driving around the State) and demand the answers from me.
Lucky for me, I was busy at the time of her call and have not had to address this issue yet.
Meanwhile girl.imp came downstairs after 10p.m. with one of her 'short' question session.

g.imp: dad, I have a question--No, no. Don't worry. This is short. I promise...So why did you post that I said, 'I swear that I am up to no good' and that I said, 'Mischief managed'?
me: (uh oh) I'm sorry. I'll stop doing it.
(because this blog won't just suck if I cannot post what you and your brother say/do on a daily basis. Yep, the whole purpose of doing this will just dry up and blow away if you take you and your brother out of the equation...)
g.imp: Oh no! Keep on doing it! Keep on doing it!

what a smartass!! LOL


Hannah said...

Ah-HAH! Busted, my man. Totally busted. You'll have to move the blog, or something.

Maria said...

I am very, very lucky in that while my sisters do read my blog (but never comment), Bing seldom, if ever, reads it. She thinks blogs are boring. I don't even think Liv knows that I have one. And if she did start reading it, I would have to like totally clean up my language which would be pretty fucking impossible.

Diana said...

My husband is sitting next to me right now and I had to force him to look at what I did to my page. He knows about this, but waits for me to tell him whatever... so right now I could tell you that he has a huge bogger in his nose and is wearing a purple thong and he wouldn't even notice...LOL! as for when the kids start reading...I'm in trouble.

Dad Stuff said...

Keep going to the well. Your bigger than the kids, so you can keep on blogging.
My kids are still excited to see themselves on the computer. I can't wait to embarrass them in the teen years.

Pageant Mom said...

No one close is allowed to read my blog.

Doesn't really matter anyway, they are either too young to read or too absorbed in the golf channel!!

dennis said...

I don't know. Having the imps (including wife.imp) read ones work does allow one to feel more connected. However, Rule No. 2 (Rule No. 1 being don't embarrass wife.imp) now is don't open disturbing avenues of conversation for the imps unless one has been properly prepared (with grain alcohols) for the questions that will come.

wayabetty said...

That was one mistake I made by telling my whole family about my blog, and now I can post things that will embarrass anyone in the family, i.e not discussing funny things that happen in the bedroom! I need to go "underground" I think.