Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Snip! Snip! Snip!

As a young imp that sound scared me to death. It meant dad was ready to cut my hair (and not too infrequently the back of my neck or my ears).

As time went by the snipping sound of the scissors faded into history. They now now cut hair with clippers. 'Come in! Come in, little sheep. Drop your ducats here and lose your hair in 5 minutes or less!'

Now the snipping sound of the scissors is starting to slip back into my reality. No, I am not speaking of the shears used by the old crone of The Fates.

I am speaking of the ultimate threat to man's pride. Wife.imp had a bad day (month) at the office (along with a mishap or two over the Christmas holiday) and has broached a topic I had thought long dead.

Yes, she wants to unman me. Have the '"little" guy' nipped and tucked! I am not so upset about being reduced to a life of shooting blanks. I am near the age where more newborns are supposed to happen to someone else. However, I am not anxious to be placed in the position where a slight deviation could result in irreparable nerve damage.

This bothers me because I am not a fan of having to use self-service to 'get my groove on' (at least not on an permanent basis).

So now the question to be answered: " vasectomy or not to vasectomy..."


Justdmarine said...

I have a phrase for you and my husband who "did the big "V" for me since the docs wouldn't cut me open again after 3 c-sections...

Any time, anywhere, no worries.

Without the concern of unplanned newborns we were like teenagers again (until doc told us to knock it off she was tired of treating "honeymoon problems")

I doubt my husband would do it again - it was more uncomfortable then he thought, but leaving the female responsible for the birth control FOREVER is just not a 50/50 marriage. Now NOBODY has to worry.

Anonymous said...

That's a subject that hubby and and I broach from time to time...well I bring it up and he ignores it. LOL!

We have had several male friends tell him that it's really not a big deal and all have recovered nicely from the procedure. And hey I went through both labors with not a single drug...I think he can do a little nip/tuck with some nice numbing drugs.

Diana said...

Funny, how I mentioned this to my husband. I want more kids (at least one more) and he doesn't, so I told him to fix himself, i can always get pregnant by the mailman or something. He ignored me.
I don't think its 'unmanning' you, I used to work for a urologist who performed at least five a day, and believe it or not the men would always be relieved after their check-up 20 ejaculations justd said above 'anytime, anywhere...'

Waya said...

When I saw the title of this post, I knew exactly what you're going to write about. I've been putting this idea in my stubborn hubbie's head for a while now. And he's standing his ground saying that he'd rather cut off his arm then have his little jewel chopped off.

I mean, the nerve...why can't you men just suck it up and do it. We women already have to suffer though multiple pregnancies, painful child births and not to mention nipple sore from nursing. Do I need to go on?!

I know, he's still not going to do it. So no snip SEX!! Hee hee.

Izzy said...

I really wanted my huz to have one until I read that prostate cancer rates are higher for men who have been snipped, particularly because it runs in his family. I'm sure the actual risk is miniscule but I didn't want that on my shoulders, ya know?

dennis said...

justdmarine;diana;waya;mo2: I would like to say (as nicely as possible, mind you) 'bite me'. However, wife.imp does read these posts and she would be feel a little embarassed by such a curt and non-gentlemanly response. So I will bite my tongue and refer back to a phrase my brother used recently with his wife, "I am tired of listening to all the whining going on around here. So I'll just shut up now..."

izzy: I heart you!!