Sunday, October 07, 2007


I found a handfull of these badboys this a.m. on the dining room table and since wife.imp was busy cooking, I decided to hang as many of them off of her clothing as I could, until she either told me to stop or I ran out of clothespins.
20 minutes later I decided to pluck them off of her clothing...and she informed me that she knew what I had done but decided not to say anything.
In other news, I have to admit that sometimes girl.imp does not desire to get up in the a.m. to go to school. In fact, she will sleep as late as possible and is sometimes willing to show up to school late. As a younger version of myself, I can remember tossing a pot full of ice water on my brother to wake him up. I have poured water on girl.imps head and flicked cold water on her back with my fingers but am finding that ice cubes down her underpants...that tends to get results!!


Diana said...

Clothespins- sounds like something my husband would do! Conspiracy!
Ice cubes? Going to remember that for when my son doesn't want to get up...LOL! Cruel, but effective. Whatever works, right?