Monday, October 15, 2007

I didn't do it, but still caught hell from its happening...

Yesterday the imps went to visit the neighbors. While there, boy.imp does what every boy eventually will do when around dogs. He stepped in the poo and then ran around not noticing the smell.

When he came home, he ran around inside (shoeless) and when we were going outside later I noticed a ripe smell and pinpointed his shoe. So we went outside and I swiped at the offending material with a stick and a paper towel and figured that he'd wear the rest off as he ran around outside.

So we spent about 45 minutes outside with boy.imp running around and girl.imp and I tossing ball (baseball--a really really soft, rubbery baseball). And after a bit the inevitible missed catch, ball bounces off of nose/eye/forehead event occurred and we rushed inside to put ice on the booboo and wait to see how large the black eye would be.

No black eye.

My comment to girl.imp: So what was it that we learned today?
g.imp: keep the ball keep the glove between my face and the ball.
me: exactly!

What should have been the lesson learned?

Clean the poo off of the shoe before wife.imp finds out and yells at you!


Pageant Mom said...

Oh that reminds me of the time that happened to Firstborn!!!

Trust me, eventually they learn the simple premise of:

Catching with glove: Good.
Catching with face: Bad.

Too funny!!

Maria said...

WE just got a puppy. There is nothing worse than the smell of dog shit on your kitchen floor....


Hannah said...

Ew. This is why I have cats. They either shit in a box, or they bury it somewhere.

Chaos Control said...


Precisely. Never forget about the poop.

wayabetty said...

UGH!! THAT is the reason why I don't walk on someone else's grass and will never have dogs or cats. My worse phobia is to step on poo!! disgusting!!