Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Wife.Imp called it a teaching moment...

Last week girl.imp brought home a permission slip for a field trip to the local zoo ( -- I really recommend the flying foxes [RE: really really big bats from the Philippines]) and I filled out the forms and sent in the money, and apparently the money necessary to be a volunteer for the trip.

I was working Tuesday when wife.imp calls me and asks what my plans for Wednesday were (my work is fluid as far as the schedule goes and sometimes I have work weeks in advance sometimes my plans change while going to work). Nothing was planned for Wednesday.

wife.imp: Oh, good! You just volunteered to chaperone g.imp's field trip tomorrow!
me: (I cannot repeat what I said)
w.imp: well, you apparently filled out the permission slip and paid to be a volunteer.
me: (realizing that extra blank did look a little funny) I did?
w.imp: and guess what I got in g.imp's school folder today? "Dear Mrs. Imp. Thank you for volunteering blah blah blah.."
me: (I cannot repeat what I said)
w.imp: I thought you did not mean to do this. THIS is a teaching moment and I got to emphasize to g.imp that you really should read everything before you sign it...

Sooooo, at the zoo today, I get girl.imp and 3 others young ladies in my group.
I texted my concerns to wife.imp:

me: ...there are 4 girls in my group. What happens if I have to visit the WC?
w.imp: well, you take dem in there with you!
(imagine lots of chuckling and laughing here!)
me: do you know that name of a good public defender?


creative-type dad said...

What's the worse that can happen?

Have fun and don't lose sight of your wallet. Kids that aren't your have a way of swindling the chaparone

MdG said...

Oh...uh-oh. Good luck with that. I just hope that they are nothing like the girls at Piko's school. They all want to hug you, all the time.

Hannah said...

I can't believe you had to pay to be a volunteer? That's confusing. And nutty. They ought to be paying you. Or at least providing flasks of liquid courage.

wayabetty said...

This doesn't make sense, you have to PAY to volunteer? Isn't that an oxymoron? I agree with Tony, watch your wallet Mr. Imps.

Maria said...

Ah..THAT was where they caught you. They tricked you into volunteering by making it a paying position....

I will glance carefully at all of Liv's papers now because I am not a happy volunteer on field trips. I don't mind daily tasks, but I detest any sort of trip which involves getting into transportation and transporting.

It is just too frackin scary.

Pageant Resources said...

Wait until you get volunteered for the OVERNIGHT trips. Then you have to stay with the boys to be near your girl...

The older my son gets the more I want to go ('cause I have to stay with the girls) because it gets very, um, enlightening LOLOL

(Just make sure you don't look suspicious walking into the bathroom with them with a camera around your neck ;o)

If it's any solace, my kids' school makes us pay for all the field trips we volunteer for too!!!