Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sorry about your breakfasts...

I was on my way home last night and had stopped at one of the various 'local' truckstops for a good pee. While enjoying the moment the sound that brings the odor arrived first at my ears then my nose.


With my eyes watering, I stumbled to the sink then out the door wondering just what one has to eat to chase someone from a restroom the comfortably stands/seats at least 12 people..??


I also got a phone call:
girl.imp: daddy? did you do the 20 pushups that I asked you to do
(in the background wife.imp is shouting: 'don't bother him with that, tell daddy what you told me)


girl.imp: I, uh, I told mommy that iwasmakingoutwiththe
me: what? making out with who?
(was g.imp necking with the boys at school already? I don't have my 'Cans O'Whup Ass' ready!! Geez Louise!!)
g.imp: ItoldmommythatIwasmakingoutwiththespoon
me: The spoon? That's all? ---I mean why would you tell mommy...What does making out with the spoon mean?
g.imp: It means I was kissing the spoon.
me: Kissing the spoon? Oh, well then I would prefer you told mommy that you kissed the spoon.

Daddy has spoken! (and it was a job well done if I say so myself!)


Hannah said...

Um, the spoon? That's a new one on me. I'd be kind of weirded out by my kitchen implements for a while, I think.

wayabetty said...

Oh Dennis, the conversations to come. I'm certainly not looking forward to that!

Pageant Mom said...

Oh how I needed that laugh!!

A spoon.....??

Belinda said...

Oh, Lordy, I just had to breathe into a paper bag for a moment. NO MAKING OUT EVER.

Maria said...

I always hated the term "making out" even when I was doing it. It reeks of open mouths and sloppiness, lots of spit and moaning and groping.

And if Liv ever does that she is just plain dead.