Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I was going to write about the wife.imp, sex and other things but

boy.imp is home 'sick' today. How do we know he is sick?

Because when he wakes up before us, b.imp is the most annoying creature on the face of the earth.

'Daddy! Daddy, get up! Wake up! Daddy! I want breakfast! I'm hungry! Daddy!...'
(picture said dialogue while b.imp pries at my eyelids, pokes my face, pulls at my hair/lips)

Today he rolled into our bedroom and curled up between me and wife.imp giving us some lambing-lambing (hugs). He also felt like an oven on wheels. HOT! (and not in the good way referred to by Paris Hilton. Not that Paris Hilton's pronunciations are all that good. Don't you just want to soak yourself in a tub of antisceptic after seeing her image on the television?)

So how do we know b.imp is feeling better?

The t.v. commercial was of a Jeep Grand Cherokee. The SUV was sitting on a flat, straight stretch of desert highway revving it motor...again and again and again.

b.imp: can I have one? can I have one?
me: wha? Oh...not right now. Wait until your older.
b.imp: but I'm older now! I'm a big boy! (however by the tone of his voice one can tell he is slightly impatient and what he was really saying was, 'geez, a@@ho#&%! Just by me the damn truck already!!'!)


Izzy said...

Uh hi. I'm here for the sex?

Just kidding...sort of :P

Hope B.imp is feeling better.

dennis said...

Izzy: we thought things were improving...however sex is on hiatus for the time being :p