Saturday, January 20, 2007

When is being a Work-a-holic not really all that bad??

boy.imp: daddy smile!
(of course boy.imp was holding girl.imp's brand new, digital camera and daddy was sitting on the toilet...daddy did not smile. Daddy decided to go to work.)

After my shower I was in my skivvies and work shirt, getting ready to step into my jeans when girl.imp walked into the bedroom (at this point I was still not enthusiastic about leaving).

girl.imp: hahahahahahahahah (pointing at my lower body. First things first, I checked to make certain I was actually wearing my skivvies. Yes, I had to check. Yes, I truly believe I could actually forget. I have been known to tear about the house/apt. looking for glasses that I was wearing or keys that I was holding between my teeth. So a quick peek did not seem to be out of the question.)

So much for doubt and second-guessing. My plans for work definitely included a full 8 hours.

So, after getting on the road, I flipped on NPR and 'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me' and Paula Poundstone actually scored enough points to win!

For those of you who do not listen to this show, I will not bother to go in-depth. Let's just say the panel members compete with each other at the end of the show by trying to answer the most number of questions correctly. On this show, Ms. Poundstone wins almost as often as the odd ice age sweeps down from Canada across the great American Mid-West.

Why is this important? Because Paula lost again, prompting me to call home to rap with the wife. Because after 12+ years of marriage, instead of hours and hours of conversations laced with sexy innuendo or just plain, nasty phone sex, we get off on conversations about NPR and its programs.

g.imp: hello daddy (we have caller id now)
me: hello. what are you doing.
g.imp: ohhhhh, I'm drawing.
me: uhhuh...where's your mother
g.imp: she's in the shower. Ummm, daddy? Boy.imp's in my bedroom...
me: ok. Tell him I said hi.
g.imp: ok. Daddy? He shut the door and locked himself inside....(calling to boy.imp) daddy's on the phone and he told me to tell you 'hi.' can you hear me?
me: he's what? Open the door and let him out!
g.imp: I can't! He locked the door from the inside!
me: Well go get mommy out of the shower and tell her to unlock the door and let b.imp out! Oh and tell her that I'll be home late tonight!


Anonymous said...

Somestimes working outside the home is a BLESSING isn't it?


JEnny said...

Ha! I love how nonchalant she is. "Oh yeah, and the house is on fire and I just let a bunch of hippies in to use the bathroom."

Anonymous said...

I think after a weekend being cooped up indoors, my hubbie is secretly looking forward to going into the office. I know you guys love that break and no kids climbing onto you saying "daddy" 1200 times.

dennis said...

betty: It would actually less of a 'break' if the imps would actually focus on mommy part of the day--any day. As it is, unless she is actually in their face, I am the parent of choice.

Mind you, I love it. But some days, like when I am on the toilet and they have to be on/near me, it can be a tad too much.

Mo2: You said a mouthful sister!

jenny: girl.imp is also starting to push/slap boy.imp in much the same manner.

g.imp: hello b.imp (back hand slap)
g.imp: let me have the remote. thank you (shoves b.imp out of the way)

She's not even in her teens and already well along the path of abusing men....

Anonymous said...

That show irritates me!! It's way to pompous - You need a Ph.D to "get" the jokes.
They try to hard to be Frasier. At least Frasier's jokes are funny.

Anonymous said...

Chicken. ~giggles~