Thursday, January 25, 2007

So a lot is going on around the Blog world--but not much at the Playground

Diana at Stuck In Elmo's world has tried to juggle being both a mom and a career woman. While we have been enormously entertained by stories people in her office (I hesitate to call them co-workers because they never seem to do any work), we here at the Playground certainly hope Diana is soon afflicted with office mates that know how chew gum and walk at the same time.

Sweatpantsmom recently was spoiled by her husband on her birthday, making the rest of us men out there look waaaay bad. Come on Dude! at least one of your love notes could have been a demand for 'hot monkey sex!'

Betty at WAYA and Tony at Creative-Type Dads are about to single-handedly make KFC's stock soar into the stratosphere.

The contest to detail the worst pregnancy story over at Suburban Turmoil has just about driven me right into my doctor's office to demand the 'little procedure' that will unarm my little soldiers.

Radioactive Girl recently found that besides sharing space and sweating with the other ladies in her gym the the fine print on her membership contract also might sometimes mean that she could be expected to share the showers...

Izzy is throwin some love to the Pope for gettin' all up in the grills of those video game makers!

Mother Goose Mouse reminded us recently that parents sometimes lose their heads and we, possibly maybe, might want not to throw the first stone...

I would mention Chag at Cynical Dad or Dad Gone Mad, but they are both slowly losing their minds and the only question is will their imps graduate from high school first..?

Why am I recapping posts from other sites, other than this being a weak attempt to prove that I do read other posts?

Because It is the latter end of the week and I.Have.Nothing. No ideas and it is already noon.

So I thought I might touch on subjects that I do not normally address. Then I remembered wife.imp's final admonition to me when I started this blog...'Don't Embarrass Me'

So that left me pretty much handcuffed. I mean sure wife.imp's family in the Philippines reads this post and wife.imp's co-workers read this (hi gals!) and I can see things like discussing personal matters, politics, religion might be somewhat offputting...

SO I thougth this a.m. that I would talk about sex....Then after two cups of coffee I thought, 'No, why embarrass myself?'


Anonymous said...

LOL-0 you're silly. in a good way.

sweatpantsmom said...

My advice - have a double cappuccino after those two cups of coffee, followed by a nice martini. I think we'll be hearing some pretty good stories.

dennis said...

Let me just tell y'all the stories I could tell...I will just say that our bed is on rollers!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Well! I guess we know who is having fun around here, don't we? ;)

dennis said...

well, I am having to patch cracks in the walls...

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