Thursday, October 12, 2006

"...but mommy! I'm crying!!"

I had boy.imp in bed and mostly quiet when wife.imp rolled home from work. For the next few hours boy.imp ran in and out of his bedroom.
'I want a drink'
'I want Mozart' (he goes to be listening to Mozart -- what a boy!)
'There is a bug on the wall'
'I'm hot'

and on and on...but every request was finalized with 'go back to bed'.

You might have guessed boy.imp was not entirely supportive of his curfew and was trying to wear us down. After all, if he was not downstairs, then who was going to have fun playing with his toys.

In fact he was getting downright frustrated. After all, who were we to rain on his parade when he was working his ass off to get out of bed.

So then the wailing started. It started at the top of the stairs. It went down the hall. It went into his bedroom and GOT.LOUDER.

Then b.imp came running out of the room and issued his proclamation.


Mama of 2 said... Little Man tends to give us trouble on occasion especially in the summer time. We have very similar requests all answered with go back to bed as well. I am hoping that Girlie Girlie will be different since when I tell her it's bed time she heads for the stairs. She's only 16 months so I know this won't last.

carla said...

Sometimes I want to do just that, but it's because I WANT to go to bed. go figure!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! I recall my son doing something similar. He wouldn't actually get out of his bed though.
He would cry until one of us came to him. The crying would get louder and louder...and there would be these intermittent pauses so he could listen to see if we were responding to his theatrics properly.

Waya said...

Both my boys (3 and 6 y/o) sleep together on the same bed. And every night my 3 y/o would say "hugs/kisses" like 20 times. And he won't go to sleep if I don't comply. Who wouldn't love many hugs/kisses, but after a very loooong day...I just want to skip out of the room and sit on my couch!