Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Dear Wife.Imp,

I am posting this note in case you try to call home later this afternoon and find that we are not there. However we are not going shopping, otherwise I would have called and ask for any items you might want.

No, I just found out that we have too many items sitting on the shower shelves in our bathroom. This fact was brought, rather painfully, to my attention when I was replacing the soap (and subsquently cleared the shelves of every other item). After I was able to clear the soap from my eyes and blood from my toes, I replaced the 8 shampoo and body wash bottles, 1 can of shaving cream, 1 razor, 1 painter's brush, and 4 kids toys back in some semblence of order (actually to be honest the total number of bottles of cleaning products and kids toys left in our shower has been drastically diminished).

The good news here is twofold: a) I do not believe I am in immediate danger of losing any digits, b) the new limp has evened out my walking gait.

Sincerely yours,


Diana said...

I'm soooo sorry that I'm laughing....LOL!
but...that is toooooo funny!


Waya said...

That was hilarious!! I hope that toe heals soon.