Monday, October 02, 2006

Ok, diana, you and wife.imp have worn me down!! about 9 years ago I had a stressful day at work and had a headache (I was still in 'Office Monkey' work mode) and saw an open beauty salon on the way home. I pulled in and told the unfortunate woman that I needed a haircut.

me: Use the size two clippers. all over.
clip.imp: um, are you sure
me: yep! take it all off!
clip.imp: ok...are you really sure about this?

This haircut took about 45 minutes because every three seconds the clip.imp would stop and verify that I was not about to sue her for denuding my head!

Why do I bring this story up now?

Because I woke up Sunday late, with a headache, and sore throat, and was not feeling good at all. My solution? What will make me feel better? Let's go see the clip.imp!

So I went to the beauty salon (I gave up going to the barber after my first trip to the Philippines) on Sunday and asked for a hair cut.

Now this time I did not ask to be remade into the image of a cue ball with a spiky red bristles. No, this time it was sized 41/2 clippers!

I look smokin!!!

Now should I get a goatee or a Burt Reynold's 'stache? (in classic orange-red of course!)


Mama of 2 said...

Hey Dennis...
My hubby has a big adversion to going to get his hair cut. Not because he doesn't want it cut but beauty salons make him freak out...barbershops do to for that matter. So he gets his hair cut like one every 8 months I'll bet.

Not sure what that had to do with your post but thought I would share I guess.

Waya said...

That was funny Dennis. My hubbie goes to this Italian barber and it takes about 8 minutes to "mow" his hair. His hair grows out like weed every three weeks, and there's no freaking way he's going to show his face in a "beauty salon"! Metrosexual man that he's not.

Diana said...

hehehe beauty they give facials like tony wants? LOL.


My hubby does a 'zero' all around (himself, or I do it) since he is going bald anyway, but he has a funny shaped head for a clean shave, so he leaves that itty bitty bit of hair...and sports his goatee. (he needs hair somewhere!)
If you get a goatee you better put a pic up!

dennis said...

mamaof2: I go to the beauty salons now because most are generic anymore: men, women, kids...The specialized day spas on the other hand, not so much

waya: I want your hubbie's hair!

diana: nope no facials. But I would look into a mud bath...I figure much like the strip clubs, don't knock it until you try it.

I actually have a pic with a goatee. I just have to find it

Anonymous said...

Yeah, pics. We want pics of the new hair cut!!

Jenny said...

Pictures! Now!

I vote the goatee. Even Burt couldn't pull off the Burt stache.

carla said...

ah-hem! Pictures please!

Anonymous said...

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radioactive girl said...

This is really funny because I cut my sons hair over the weekend. I swore I never would, but I have been watching how they do it and thought for sure I could do it just as well. I did a good job but as I was doing his sideburns, my last little thing, I cut his ear! I apologized like crazy and he hugged me and told me he would even let me cut his hair again next time. He must really love me!