Sunday, October 22, 2006

More Head! More Head! More Head!

Since we have already determined that my life is not the ultimate porn movie this dialogue did not surprise me as many of girl.imp's past statements have. In fact, girl.imp was 'in character' and attacking me with her life-sized Pluto doll.

Is it the season or are the imps actually this spoiled. Both will now sulk, cry, fake cry and wail at the drop of a hat (and they are usually the ones dropping said hat)!

We went to Tumbleweed for girl.imp's pre-birthday night out at a restaurant (she wants to go to Bob Evans for the real deal) and actually had a good time. Except that the waitress assumed that she need not arrive tableside until 10 minutes after we were seated and then return 10 minutes later with drinks (at which time she spilled two lemonades on boy.imp) then returned 10 minutes later to take our dinner orders...

approx. 40 minutes later our food arrived...

To put this in terms of the vaunted American Couch Potato, we were seated at about 3 minutes into the 2nd 1/2 of a football game and were served with about 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter (In baseball terms 4 innings would have come and gone).

I asked wife.imp to include the tip as I felt certain standards were not met and the Automatic Tip Subtraction Calculator in my head was flashing (in bright red numbers) $0.01.
Wife.Imp felt that was too low for girl.imp's birthday dinner tip and tried to argue me to a higher total.

In the end I told her to ' what makes you feel better or do the right thing...' concerning the final tip amount.

w.imp did not tell me what the total was but I suspect she left a final total that was somewhat higher than my proposed sum.


Waya said...

That's just terrible!! We've been there with waitresses like that. Don't they know that with kids, we need to "chew and screw"? Happy pre b-day to girl.imp!!

Mama G said...

A very happy birthday to girl.imp!! Similar to waya's comment, I've now made it a habit to inform our waitresses that we have an active toddler and that we are going to need to "mow and go"! That always puts a fire under their skirt!